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Magento 2 Lookbook

Magento 2 Lookbook extension allows store owners to build a custom look for their products and make the most out of cross-selling for multiple complementary products. This great marketing tool lets store owners emotionally connect with their audience and provide information about the complete look.


Now it is easy for customers to purchase individual products or the entire look. 


Key Features:


  • Easy to add lookbook product description 

  • Store owners can add details like size, color, price and quantity

  • Purchase the complete look feature enables customers to buy all products together

  • Purchase individual products feature allows customers to buy a few products

  • Store admin can set lookbook in any CMS block and pages




Magento 2 Lookbook Product extension allows store owners to create specific listing pages on their ecommerce website. In addition, the store admin can display all the elements of the look in one place and users can access & choose information such as name, size, price, quantity etc from this.


Now customers can purchase individual products as per their need with Look book Product for Magento 2 extension.

For more info, visit https://www.mageants.com/lookbook-extension-for-magento-2.html