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Material & Finishing

Each Duoyes outdoor product, verified durable,stylish and admirable comfort, does benefit from its materials/fabrics and finishing used, which is attributed to the Interaction of Function and Sensation, a Philosophy, called by Duoyes as ‘Harmony’, carried out. These materials/fabrics include:


*Rattan/Wicker (a hand-woven Synthetic Fiber) and Sling

*Fabric Padded (for Finishing or Cushions)

*Metal Frame (mainly in Aluminum or Steel)

*Glass/Enamel/Marble/PS plate (main for Table Top)

Rattan/Wicker and Sling

Duoyes Wicker is actually synthetic material, made of Polyethylene,i.e.a High-Density Thermoplastic Resin(HDPE), which features: Excellent Heat/Cold Resistance, Weatherproof, to temperatures between -30 and +65 degrees, ideal for outdoor environment; High Rigidity and Tenacity; Good Mechanical Strength; Preferable Hardness, Creep than LDPE; Fine Wear Resistance, for a prolonged lifetime; Electrical Insulation; Great Chemical Stability, insoluble in any organic solvents at ambient temperature; Corrosion Resistance to Acids, Alkalis, and Various Salts; Waterproof, accessible for Pool/Beach applications; Sunlights Resistance, UV tests performed, excellent for all applications outdoor.


Duoyes Sling is a synthetic fabric consisting of PVC-Polyvinyl Chloride(50%),PP-Polypropylene(30%) and PES-Polyster(20%),in robust fibers,which features great Regidity/Tenacity/Hardness,maximum resistance to UV rays or severe weather,waterproof,as well as definite elasticity to ensure the most comfort delivered by each Duoyes Sling product.