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Mental Health Matters — A personal journal

Mental health is one of the least talked about medical problems in India. There are so many cases of mental health that are felt unchecked. The last two years have been particularly difficult for people dealing with mental health issues. The lockdown and working from home were already enough for anyone to feel stress and anxiety. The level of depression among people has also increased a lot due to the pandemic.

In this personal blog, Roshnee Burma talks about how the pandemic has affected her personally and how her mental health was disturbed due to it. The blog shares insights on anxiety, stress and depression. It shares how anyone can start suffering from mental health issues and how anyone with a little bit of help can also overcome these issues and get their life back on track. Read the whole blog post to understand how someone who is dealing with mental health issues feels and behaves; maybe there is someone in your life who is going through something similar, and you might be able to be the one to help them.