Mesotherapy in NZ

Years of research and the latest advances combine to form the mesoetetic range of skin care products-


Founded in 1984, mesoestetic has developed into a world leading company in the cosmeceutical skin care sector based on its advanced technological and scientific methods and continuing research.


mesoestetic offers a wide range of products for anti-ageing, hyperpigmentation and acne treatments, both for use in salons and skin care clinics and for clients to use at home. 


Advanced Derma Care distributes mesoestetic products throughout the country allowing your salon to stock the best products for professional skin care in New Zealand. Shop for mesoestetic products online or contact us to discuss whether these products are right for your clinic.


The best anti aging products


mesoestetic produces a range of anti aging creams and products designed to help your clients fight the signs of aging at different stages. Advanced Derma Care stocks specific targeted treatments for each of the varying signs of ageing, and backs those treatments with prescriptive homecare solutions.


Collagen 360: A range of firming treatments for the face and neck with ingredients designed to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and stimulates collagen production.


Energy C: A range of skin care products for use in the salon and at home to combat the early signs of aging and to provide antioxidants and vitamins to protect the skin.


stem Cell: Designed to combat advanced aging symptoms, the stem Cell range includes products to promote cell renewal and regeneration.


Radiance DNA: The Radiance range is a solution for advanced aging symptoms which works with the genetic code responsible for DNA repair making skin firmer and reducing wrinkles.


Mesoeclat method-


The mesoeclat anti-aging treatment is designed to provide immediate improvements in skin condition and to fight the signs of aging.


This is a five session programme that includes peels to prepare the skin and products to support and stimulate the skin’s own defence mechanisms to improve firmness and luminosity. 


A firming cream to use at home complements the treatment.




The Bodyshock range of products tackles six areas of the body prones to cellulite and loss of skin tone. Treatments can be used on the legs, abdomen and sides, buttocks, arms, double chin and breasts.


The treatments include peels to improve skin tone, boosters to help lymphatic drainage and reduce fluid retention and firming cream.


Treatment includes a number of sessions at a clinic followed by at home treatment. More than one area can be treated at once and results can be seen in as little as five weeks.


High-quality acne treatment


Help clients who are suffering from the after effects of acne with the best acne products in New Zealand including:


acnelan: An intensive treatment for acne prone skin which cleanses blocked pores, removes impurities and improves skin texture.


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