Methanol-type Washer Fluid

High-performance surfactant is used to remove foreign matters and oil film from windshields for better vision.It does not damage the painting, rubber, and plastic of vehicle, and the contained advanced additives prevent the corrosion of metal parts, with outstanding anti-rust and anticorrosive performance.It provides excellent lubrication between the glass surface and the wiper blade, which results in longer life cycle and less friction and, thus, less noise.It has a low freezing point, which is sufficient for the removal of snow or ice from windshields.It is being used as OEM and a genuine part by five Korean automobile manufacturers (including Hyundai, KIA, GM Korea, and Renault Samsung).It is applicable to all types of vehicles including passenger cars, large trucks, and busesWe have developed and supplied methanol, ethanol, and isopropyl alcohol washer fluids for the Korean as well as overseas markets.