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Mg-Fe Nitride Cored Wire

Ferromanganese nitride cored wire is mainly used as a nitrogen additive in steel making.


It can improve the strength of steel and other mechanical properties while refining grain and stabilizing austenite.


Advantages of Ferro Manganese Nitride Cored Wire


1. The high content of main elements, low content of harmful impurities such as phosphorus, the nitrogen utilization rate is high and the addition amount is small.


2. Improve the strength and plasticity of steel, expand the austenite zone, refine grain, and improve its processing performance.


3. It can replace some nickel to reduce costs.

Specifications of Ferro Manganese Nitride Cored Wire


Type Composition% Diameter

mm Steel strip thickness

mm Powder weight


FeNMn N4Mn73-75 13±0.5 0.4-0.45 450-500


1. The outer diameter of the coil: 1100mm


2. The inner diameter of the coil: 600mm


3. Height of coil: 1100mm


4. Length of coil: 4500-5000m


The above mixtures and specifications can be supplied by customers’ requirements.