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Micro Crystalline Wax Bulk

Micro Crystalline Wax Bulk

Micro crystal wax is a refined synthetic wax with similar microcrystalline properties. As an experienced micro crystal wax manufacturer, we provide micro crystal wax with the characteristics of good gloss, high melting point, and light color. The structure of micro crystal wax for sale is compact, firm, and smooth.


It can be melted with various natural waxes and can increase its low degree. The melting point of this industrial wax improves the micro crystalline waxes’ properties. The micro crystal wax itself is as white as jade and generates light by friction, which has an extremely beneficial effect on the production of light-colored products. It is mainly composed of C30-50 cycloalkanes and a small amount of normal and isoparaffins. This micro crystalline wax for sale has the characteristics of high melting points and is amorphous. The melting point of micro crystalline wax is generally 54.4℃ to 90.6℃. Compared with paraffin wax, micro crystal wax is tough and not easily broken. Most grades of microcrystalline wax have plasticity. As a good micro wax manufacturer in China, we provide light yellow and milky white micro crystal wax in terms of color. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.


Features of Micro Crystal Wax for Sale


Good gloss, high melting point, light color, etc.



Compact, firm, and smooth structure.



Tough and not easily broken.



High melting point, amorphous.


Micro Crystal Wax Specification

Standard: SH/T 0013-2008                                       


Test item


Test Method

Drop Melting point     


GB/T 8026

Oil content%                             


SH/T 0638



GB/T 6540

Needle Penetration(25℃,100g), 1/10mm      



Needle Penetration(35℃,100g), 1/10mm


GB/T 4985

Kinematic Viscosity(100℃), mm²/s             


GB/T 265

Water Soluble Acid And Alkali


SH/T 0407


Micro Wax Uses

The micro crystal wax uses is a glazing agent, rust inhibitor, carbon paper, candles, packaging dipping, and fruit coating for paste products; also used in cosmetics, crayons, shoe polish, various glazing waxes, etc.


Micro Crystal Wax VS Paraffin Wax

Micro crystal wax and petroleum-based wax are both extracted from oil and have many similar characteristics and applications. However, there are some key differences well. One of the biggest differences is at the molecular level. Different molecular sizes of different materials, and microcrystalline wax has more branched molecular structures than paraffin wax.


This molecular composition makes slightly different properties of each type of wax. Paraffin wax has a lower melting temperature and better combustion properties, which is why this material is ideal for making candles. These waxes are also the better moisture-proof barriers. Microcrystalline wax tends to be thicker and stiffer but has better flexibility and elasticity. These waxes are also better applied in adhesive products. Paraffin is usually colorless or pale blue, while the microcrystalline wax varies from white to dark brown.


Micro Crystal Wax Packaging and Storage

As a professional micro wax manufacturer, we offer a 50kgs woven bag and a 25kgs carton with plastic waterproof outer lining, Store indoors to isolate the influence of sunlight and temperature on microcrystalline wax.