Microtia Ear Surgery in Mumbai, India, England

Microtia is a congenital ear problem that occurs in about one in 5000-8000 births. An ear reconstruction surgery is one of the best surgical ways to correct microtia, and this is a challenging surgery to perform due to the complex shape of the ear. A skilled and experienced microtia surgeon must perform the surgery to get natural and consistent outcomes from the surgery. In microtia ear surgery, cartilage is harvested from the rib cartilage of patients, and then ears are sculpted using the patient’s own cartilage. The cartilage used to create a new ear contains alive cells, which are supplied by essential nutrients and heals without problems. To know more about microtia ear surgery cost in India, make a visit to The Microtia Trust, Mumbai, where the expert Dr. Parag Telang performs the microtia treatment. With microtia ear surgery in Mumbai, India, by Dr. Parag Telang, the microtia & other ear deformities can be resolved and corrected. For more information, visit now. *Disclaimer- The images and content used in this post, are for information purposes only.