Modern Chandelier

Find the right modern luxury chandeliers

At Chenxing Lighting, we’ve done our homework and offer you a wide variety of chandeliers and styles. This will certainly simplify your task of finding the right chandelier to express and beautify your current living space.


For many of our valued clients, this is an exciting process that often sparks creativity as they review the various ceiling lighting options available to them. It is not uncommon for people to stumble upon a type and style of chandelier that leaves them awestruck and immediately generates artistic ideas and approaches that they had not previously considered.


The greatest value to our clients is our own background experience in modern chandelier lighting and the countless results we have seen thanks to the creative diversity of our many clients. We can also help you determine which chandeliers will work best in a given space, especially keeping in mind the dimensions of the area in which they will be installed.


Once you know the basic parameters of the chandelier that will best meet your needs, you can really start shopping.



Choose the size of modern luxury chandeliers according to the size of the room

Perhaps you have a large living room, a medium-sized dining space, a rectangular kitchen and a small breakfast nook, all of which will look beautiful when illuminated by the right modern luxury chandeliers. Obviously, these different sizes and shapes of spaces need to be illuminated by different modern chandeliers.




Care and maintenance of modern luxury chandeliers

Your high-quality modern luxury chandeliers are like a work of art and should be treated as such. With regular care and maintenance, your chandelier will maintain its fresh look for years to come.


By following these simple tips, you will always have a brilliant chandelier that radiates beauty and shines like a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry:


Turn off the lights – before you start, make sure the lights have been off long enough that the bulbs and chandelier are not hot


No chemicals – even if you come across a special “chandelier cleaning solution”, don’t use it; some formulas can end up clouding your crystals or making your frames lose their shine


White glove treatment – always use a clean pair of white cotton gloves when working with chandeliers so that no fingerprints are left behind


Warm water only – If there are stains or stubborn dust patches, remove these individual crystals and wipe with a cotton cloth soaked in warm water, then dry immediately

Yes, it really is that simple.


Now that you know how modern luxury chandeliers can enhance the value and look of your home, and the huge variety of chandelier types and styles available, it’s clear that no matter how you look at it, adding chandeliers to your current living arrangement is a winning proposition for it. Contact us today and we can help you turn your current home into a lighted haven.