Most talented carpentry service providers

jacobsen byg  is a company dedicated to the manufacture of kitchen furniture, bathrooms, fitted wardrobes, as well as carpentry work in general such as doors, floors, porches, etc. It is characterized by an excellent personalized service that guarantees quality and good service to our customers.

Customer service, formality and, of course, good design, are the basic pillars of this carpentry company.

Deal directly with the client to advise them on the right product according to their needs. And it is that with an advanced experience in this sector, the professionals of jacobsen byg have as a fundamental objective to achieve customer satisfaction.

For your convenience, we set up the kitchen with appliances at the best market price. We carry out the coordination of unions of all your works, with a group of highly qualified professionals who will achieve the desired finish for you, looking for the best solution acclimatizing to your tastes and needs, without ever neglecting both the economic aspect and the quality and final finish.

Custom carpentry furniture projects

We offer you all kinds of ideas and solutions to take advantage of and optimize the spaces in your home. Custom furniture is the perfect solution for small spaces.

Cabinets and dressing rooms

Custom cabinets adapted to all spaces to achieve maximum use. Fully customized options, we offer you all kinds of ideas, woods and finishes.


Furniture Custom bathroom furniture, prepared to optimize spaces. We offer you a high quality product adapted to your needs, a variety of finishes prepared for humidity.

Kitchen furniture

We design and create totally personalized custom kitchens, so that they are a place not only to eat but also spaces for meeting, resting and enjoying.

Customized doors Interior and exterior doors, various finishes and models Personalized access solutions such as folding, hinged, sliding doors, etc. Adapted to any space. Interior sliding doors in small rooms or simply to expand spaces, placing a sliding door is the ideal solution. We offer interior sliding doors to separate rooms made completely to measure. Custom shelves

Custom shelves adapted to all spaces to achieve maximum use. Fully customized options, we offer you all kinds of ideas, woods and finishes.

Custom bunk beds and beds

we offer you a solution completely tailored to your needs, whether it is a custom bunk bed, a custom bed for the available space, a custom bed with a personalized length for people of height outside the media, a hidden bed in a piece of furniture, etc.


Design and manufacture of attics, from the preparation and construction of the ceiling and walls to the elements that make the most of space such as cabinets, shelves, etc.

Furniture Restoration

The passage of time leaves its mark. With our furniture restoration work, we offer you the possibility of keeping your furniture with the original appearance of the first day.