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Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber for Sale

ST1001 HBOT for 2 People Lying Inside

Big enough for 2 people lying inside and enjoy the therapy at a same time, suitable for family use.


STM2000 HBOT for 4 People

Big enough for 4/5 people sitting inside and equipped with 4 folding chairs, the model with the largest space.

In multiplace chamber, patients breathe oxygen through a hood or mask, mostly used in hospitals and emergencies, the scope of multiplace chamber hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very extensive, and the treatment effect is significant.


Features of Multiplace Chamber


Has large space, being able to use it with family or friends at the same time, spending time together in hyperbaric chamber therapy.


With many viewing windows, has a good view of the interior.


Patients who are suffering from claustrophobic, don’t worry about being bothered by space limitations.


Multiplace hyperbaric chamber is easy installation and operation.


Multiplace VS. Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers



MACY-PAN provides different types of multiplace hyperbaric chamber for sale.


For monoplace hyperbaric chambers, patients need to slide into the chamber, a narrow plastic chamber, which is gradually pressurized by 100% oxygen, and the space is relatively limited, similar to a nuclear magnetic resonance machine, oxygen treatment is carried out throughout the mono place chamber.


Multiplace hyperbaric chamber is mainly used for multiplace chamber hyperbaric oxygen therapy,  the space is more spacious and can accommodate multiple people, but it is not gradually pressurized in the oxygen environment of multiplace chamber throughout the space, the treatment is the same, but people breathe pure oxygen through masks or head masks. When the pressure rises, your ears may feel clogged, just like you are on a plane or on a mountain. Your blood carries excess oxygen to your body, injecting oxygen into injured tissues that need more oxygen, so they can begin to heal. At the end of a course of multiplace chamber hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you may feel dizzy. Mild side effects include claustrophobia, fatigue and headaches.


FAQ of Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber


Will the oxygen concentration in the multi-person chamber be insufficient?-

No, usually we will upgrade the oxygen generator in the multi-person chamber to 10L/min, and be equipped with a special connection port, which can connect multiple oxygen masks/earphones. Ensure that users can enjoy effective and comfortable treatment.


The multi-person chamber has a large space, will the pressure be unable to rise?+

No, due to the large internal space of the chamber, the air compressor we use is a powerful air compressor that can stably boost the pressure.


And also designed with internal and external pressure gauges to monitor pressure changes.


Will the operation be inconvenient for the large multi-person chamber?+

No, we have designed a portable and convenient chamber. Comfortable TPU material with removable anti-roll boster for easy movement.


And there are detailed manuals and video instructions.