Navigating the Reapplication Journey

Rejection can be mentally and emotionally draining! No one likes them, but at the same time, it is a part of life. Some of the most successful stories have been from initial failures which were turned around through sheer passion and perseverance. 

If you encountered rejection in the last application, don’t worry, take a step back and introspect on your last experience.

What to do next?

First, analyze the reason for rejection. A good starting point can be reaching out to the admissions committee, however, not all would be open to providing feedback. In case they do, admission committee members when evaluating your reapplication, look at how well you addressed the concerns provided in the feedback.

Secondly, when the new program’s new class profile is published, benchmark your application against the median to see if you were competitive in the application pool. While historical class profiles can also be a good indicator, do note that the application pool varies year on year and hence there are chances that old data may not yield an effective peer analysis.