• $26.95

NEBILITY Women’s Sauna Top Vest With Velcro – Nebility

Sweating & Fat Burning

Accelerate the heat circulation in the body and make the body temperature rise rapidly. Causes more sweating, faster and better results. It can also burn fat and weight loss. Long-term wearing will make the figure healthier and charm. Also can keep warm in winter.

Compress Abdomen

Can strong tummy control, reduce the belly fat, smooth bumps and bulges on your tummy and waist , help you shape better figure.

Adjustable Velcro

The adjustable Velcro design allows you to adjust the pressure you want. It can also make the product fit your body more firmly.

Healthy & Sauna Wear

Made of comfortable seamless material, skinny touch and not to dig into your ribs. It features antibacterial, moisture wicking. Firm control tummy under any type of clothes on any occasion without any discomfort.

Back & Breast Support

Support for the back, wearing it help to correct body posture or keep the correct posture. Relieve fatigue and pain by exercise. It can support and lift the breast, allowing to be more comfortable during exercise. The zipper design makes wearing easier and more convenient.