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Neodymium Arc Magnets

Powerful rare earth neodymium magnets are available for purchase at reasonable wholesale costs from Tengye Magnets–a reliable Arc magnet supplier.


Magnets that have been cut into smaller bits or segments are known as neodymium Arc magnets for sale. To create a magnetic field with a specified form and strength, these segments are often arranged in a particular pattern or configuration.


Neodymium Arc Magnets Detail

Neodymium arc magnets are frequently used in various applications, magnetic guitar pickup: loudspeakers and headphones: electric motors: spindle and stepper motors; Drive motors for actuators: Switched reluctance vibration motors: linear motors starter motors: Rotors for synchronous motors: asynchronous and brushless motors: servo. Torque and Elevator motors: Electric generators for wind turbines: High-speed motor, DC / AC motors, and numerous commercial and industrial uses.


Arc magnets are an indispensable part of many contemporary technologies because they provide a highly adjustable and adaptable method for producing magnetic fields with exact properties.


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