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NKE90H 422kwh Electric Dump Truck

NKE90H 422kwh Electric Dump Truck

Product Parameters

Features of NKE90H 422kwh Electric Tipper Truck

90 tons rated loading 60 tons,422kwh CATL LFP battery, charging mode full hydraulic steering, dual motor mining electric dumper, ev tipper truck.

KNOW-HOW full-electric mining truck aims to create four core advantages of being safe, reliable, efficient and economical.

The electronic control technology of KNOW-HOW has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

We use EV system with triple protections (protections against water, fire and electronic shock). We adopt design of high standard (“3S Safety Technology Requirements for New Energy truck”) to make it safer.

With diamond-enclosed-ring structure, the cab can be of high safety.

Frame: We use box-shaped welded rigid frame for strong impact resistance and longer use of the chassis and auto parts.Leaf spring suspension: The overall matching strngth is high and the single piece of leaf spring is thick and strong, which can lower the failure rate and maintenance costs.Hydro pneumatic suspension: It has great buffering and damping ability which is suitable for the complex road conditions in the mining area with low maintenance cost and high usage rate.