NLP training Preston

The Coaching College is a global leader in NLP & Business Development Training, NLP and Business Coach training in Preston and Lancashire. Business Coach courses Preston, NLP training Preston and Business Coach training Preston.


The Coaching College was founded in 2017 by NLP & Neuro Leadership Trainer & Performance Strategist David Wright, a global leader and Author in the field of Transformational Leadership & Coaching. We can help you transistion into one of the most rewarding careers on the planet today – by becoming a fully competent & confident certified coach &/or practitioner. Our certification training programs are of the highest quality globally, they include, certification training in Transformational Leadership – Life Coaching & Hypnosis, included in ALL our trainings are our fully accredited NLP Certification trainings. Our business building consultancy also offers New Business Startup’s at an excellent rate for our our students – including Full Business Setup & Marketing Programs and plans.


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