Non Sparking Hammers

What is a non-sparking hammer?

The non-sparking hammer is made of a non-ferrous alloy to reduce the chance of sparks being thrown from the hammer and surface during use. These hammers can help reduce the possibility of fires in the work environment due to sparks generated while working. environments where there is a risk of explosions, such as oil rigs, coal mines and grain elevators.


Why do you need a non sparking hammer?

The non sparking hammer is made of iron (non-ferrous) free material, thus reducing the risk of sparking when using the tool. In environments that may contain flammable liquids, vapors, dust or residues, the non sparking hammer prevents fires and explosions.


How do I store and maintain the non sparking hammer?

Keep the non sparking hammer clean and free of ferrous metal contamination, which can reduce its non-sparking capability. Avoid contact with acetylene which can form explosive acetylenes, especially in the presence of moisture. If damage occurs to the striking surface of the hammer or the edge of the chisel, trim the surface and head of the tool. Do not store hammers and other hand tools with wooden handles where the handles may dry out and shrink. This will increase the risk of handle breakage or head loosening.