Non Sparking Pliers

Non sparking pliers are hand tools for holding, cutting or shaping objects in explosive environments. non sparking tools are ideally suited for use in environments where frictional sparks could cause an explosion, such as in environments with flammable gases, vapors or dust clouds, oil rigs, coal mines and grain elevators. We offer a wide variety of non-sparking pliers that can be used safely in environments where the risk of fire is increased.


Product description

1. Non-sparking adjustable combination pliers are designed for clamping flat or cylindrical metal parts and can be adjusted to allow for two different sizes of openings.


2. Non-sparking non-magnetic corrosion resistant diagonal cutting pliers are ideal for cutting wire close to flat surfaces with ergonomically designed heavy-duty plastic handles for comfort and grip.


3. Non sparking pliers are most commonly used to hold large items and cut metal wires but are sometimes used instead of wrenches to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts.


4. The low sparking metals used to produce non sparking pliers, such as copper and aluminum, make them less likely to produce sparks during work.


5. The non-sparking quality is particularly beneficial in environments involving oil and gas works, which makes the product suitable for hazardous areas where combustible or explosive materials are present. Examples include pipeline construction and chemical plants.


6. The non-magnetic and corrosion resistant tools are made of a special aluminum bronze alloy and are suitable for a wide range of industries such as mining, oil and gas extraction, petrochemical refineries, energy production and transportation, manufacturing of explosives and much more.


As a professional non sparking pliers manufacturer and supplier, we take great care to ensure that all the tools we produce are thoroughly tested. Non-sparking tools are safe and essential for anyone who regularly works around flammable materials.