Notch Cutter for Impact Resistance Tester (Motorized): Testing-Instruments

Testing-Instruments is your premier supplier of Motorized Notch Cutters designed for Impact Resistance Testers. Our cutting-edge notch cutters are an essential component in assessing the impact resistance and quality of various materials, ensuring the safety and reliability of your products.


A notch cutter for impact resistance tester (motorized) is a testing instrument that is used to create a notch or a groove in the samples of plastic or other materials that are to be tested for their impact resistance. The notch cutter works on the principle of cutting the sample with a metal blade that is driven by a motor. 


The notch cutter is a sample preparation instrument that helps in conducting the Izod or Charpy test on the samples. The Izod or Charpy test is a method of measuring the energy absorbed by the sample when it is subjected to a sudden impact. The notch cutter helps in creating a stress concentration point in the sample, which ensures that the sample breaks at the same position every time the test is performed. The notch cutter is an important tool for evaluating the quality and performance of plastic and other materials that are used in various industries.


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