Nuclear & Power Plant


Rayforce’s metal nuclear castings can be applied to heat exchange machines, boilers, economizer parts, chemical engineering casting parts, water treatment parts, etc.


Almost all industrial sectors need to use cast steel parts, in ships and vehicles, construction machinery, engineering machinery, power station equipment, mining machinery and gold equipment, aviation, and aerospace equipment, oil wells, chemical equipment, and other industries. As for the application of cast steel parts in various industrial sectors, the situation may vary greatly due to the specific conditions of each country.


The variety of cast steel parts is too numerous to mention.


Power Station Equipment

Power station equipment is a high-tech product. Its main parts are under high load for a long time in continuous operation, thermal and nuclear power station equipment. Many parts also need to withstand high temperature and high-pressure steam corrosion, and thus the reliability of the parts have very strict requirements. Nuclear castings parts can meet these requirements to the maximum extent, widely used in power station equipment.


Mining Equipment

In order to ensure operational safety, some key parts of the mining equipment are stainless steel precision casting parts, such as the stranded cable wheel (sky wheel) and the main parts of the mine car, etc.. As for the processing of ore crusher and ball mill, due to the operation of the parts by a large impact load, jaw plate, hammerhead and liner plate, and other parts resistant to impact wear are high manganese cast steel parts, the frame is mostly carbon steel or low alloy cast steel parts.


Forging and Metallurgical Equipment

Forging machinery seat, cross, crossbeam, frame and gold equipment rolling mill frame, bearing seat and other important parts are traditionally cast steel parts. In addition, a considerable part of the roll of the rolling mill is also nuclear castings parts.


High-pressure Vessel Equipment

The core parts of the blowout preventer for oil and gas wellhead containment are low-alloy steel or martensitic stainless steel castings, such as the shell and top cover. Since these parts are subjected to pressures of up to 140 MPa, it is important to ensure the surface quality and internal quality of the castings when casting these nuclear castings parts.