Oil Immersed Transformer

1. What is oil immersed transformer?

An oil immersed transformer is a transformer device that uses oil cooling to reduce the temperature of the transformer. The body of the oil immersed transformer is installed in a welded steel tank filled with insulating oil. When the oil immersed transformer is in operation, the heat of the coil and iron core is first transferred to the insulating oil and then to the cooling medium. The power range is 6-35kv, and according to the size of the capacity can be divided into immersed natural cooling transformer and immersed forced air-cooled transformer.


2. The working principle of oil immersed transformer

Oil immersed transformers are used in power distribution or substations. Their cores and coils are immersed in oil to cool and insulate them. The oil circulates through the pipes in the coil and the pipes around the coil and core assembly, moving by convection. The oil is cooled by the outside of the oil tank at a small rated value, and cooled by an air-cooled radiator at a higher rated value.


3. The role of oil immersed transformer

Oil immersed transformers have huge capacity, which can save a lot of power for users, minimize power loss, save energy and reduce costs. At the same time, oil immersed transformers can be grounded, cushioned or pole mounted for outdoor use. They provide efficient performance in a variety of applications, including transmission and distribution networks, renewable energy power generation, and small industries. More importantly, the oil in the machine cools the internal cores, which helps to improve the durability and electrical performance of the transformer equipment.


4. Precautions for oil immersed transformers

Since the oil immersed transformer is immersed in the oil tank, if the oil splashes or leaks, it may cause a fire. Therefore, oil immersed transformers are generally used in separate rooms or outdoor locations. If the climate in the installation area is hot and humid, oil-immersed transformers are also a good choice. During use, the transformer system needs to be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure that the machine works normally and safely. Otherwise, it is easy to cause problems and extremely dangerous risks.