Our AG Program Just Got Smarter

In order to meet the critical demands of digital—or smart—agriculture, the University of Mount Olive now offers a minor in precision agriculture within the school of agriculture and biological sciences. Designed to equip students for a variety of careers in smart AG, this program dives into the diverse applications of precision agriculture, as well as its economic and environmental impacts propelling the industry forward. Through hands-on learning and guidance from instructors with real-world experience, students gain an understanding of digital agriculture at every level, from using remote sensing tools such as drones to making agronomic decisions using precision AG data. UMO has partnered with case IH to offer students the opportunity to earn certifications and secure internships with OEMs and agronomic services companies. Cultivate your future with an agriculture degree in NC from UMO. Contact us today at 1-844-UMO-GOAL to learn more.