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Our values at Partnerships for Impact

We have uncompromising standards of excellence and deliver results. We work hard with creativity and determination to implement creative ideas and solutions that work. We pay close attention to the social and development space because it matters. Our organisation ensures and creates a safe, healthy, and dynamic working environment. We strive to recruit people from all backgrounds, experiences, and nationalities, recognise their dignity and approve of their human rights and privacy. We strive for open and honest communication and effective conflict resolution, realising that it is also essential to implement an ethical management model during a business relationship. Our team members receive a dynamic platform that drives collaboration. They feel valued, connected to growth and see the value in their contributions. We are accountable to those who our work has impacted. We value our team, donors, partners, and those affected by socio-economic, political, and other adverse conditions. We will use our resources, including our technical and financial ones, to accomplish the general goal of Partnerships for impact in an economical, responsible way and ask our partners to do the same.