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Paper Roll Clamp G Series

Paper Roll Clamp G Series

Product Description

Mainly applied in handling, stacking, loading or unloading kinds paper rolls at site. Pivot arm design with 360° rotating function enables the paper roll clamp to handle rolls that is both placed vertically or horizontally. Found in paper mills, newspaper printing, concret or steel pipe, logictics warehouse, converters and any industries that handles paper rolls or rolls.

Functions & Applications

Longhe Paper Roll Clamp designed for mills, warehouses, printers, newspaper publishers and converters.

Paper Roll Clamp Features

Rational designed, compact structure, excellent driver visibility, easy operating, improve work efficiency

Thin arm profile and smooth arm contour eases roll breakout

Contact pads with integral casting structure, abrasion resistance, long service life. Contact pads surface reasonable, provide the best clamping friction

Continuous 360° rotation, any angle position of lock function, revolving positing 90° or 180°

Hydraulic retention of cylinder valves is to ensure reliable clamping of long distance transportation

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