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Pet Food Processing Machine

Pet Food Processing Machine

pet food made process

1. Resources function as well as cleaning

Prepare all raw materials for making pet food as well as clean them.

2. Squashing

It guarantees all products are squashed right into called for dimension or powder.

3. Blending

The mixing process is a crucial procedure in animal food production. The standard process is to evaluate the raw products in different weight according to formula, after that pour them in the crusher to reduce size, and later on all materials are briefly saved in the storage space silo. Then all materials are ready, feed them in the mixer for blending.

4. Pet dog food extruding

Squeezing out is a heat therapy process with high temperature and also in short time. It can not just minimize the deterioration of food nutrients, enhance the digestibility of protein starch, yet additionally damage the anti-nutrient parts and microbe. All shapes of pet completely dry food such as round, triangular, blossom shape as well as bone shape can be produced via different mold and mildews (design templates) of the feed extruder maker. In family pet food production, fat is normally included in improving pet food palatability, as well as this is performed in the conditioning process. Besides, to give different shades to pet food tablet computers, producers usually include pigmented water in squeezing out chamber.

We provide both one-shot fill system with blended gravy as well as portions as well as a 2 shot fill system with different dosing of the chunks by multihead weigher and also sauce with volumetric dosing. With our recognize how and experience we support our clients not just with technological solutions but additionally with modern technology regarding dish growth and process improvements.

5. Drying out

The drying section is primarily used for eliminating water in the extruded pet food. After extrusion, the appearance of the material is fairly soft and also water content reaches 20 ~ 30%. After the drying procedure, the ended up item dampness is managed at 8% ~ 10%, which can ensure that the product is stored in a particular amount of time.

6. Oil as well as fat spraying

Oil and fat are the very best resource of energy, so 2% ~ 40% of oil as well as fat can be contributed to formula according to pet growth needs. We recommend that the content of the fat in the formula, that is the material of the overall oil in the extruder be kept within 12%. If the material of the oil is called for over 12% as well as the firmness of the granular material will certainly be considerably decreased. If the extruded material requires more than 12% oil content, the additional oil is suggested to be added in the means of external spray after drying. It can be utilized at regular pressure or vacuum spray depending on just how much oil is added. The outside splashing will make the pet food tablets appearance more tempting. In addition to oil, some powdered attractant is also sprayed to boost pet feed palatability.