Pivot Door

Pivot Doors are an excellent selection for applications that require a large opening with minimal floor space interruption. Not only can some really striking results be achieved with oversized doors, but also make it possible for the big pivot door to be of much heavier construction than standard pivot hinged doors.


Pivot Style Door Applications

The key feature of a pivot style door is the location of the offset hinge. On a traditional exterior door, the hinge is placed on the left or right; the pivot door’s hinge is located at the top and bottom of the frame. This location allows the door to pivot left or right.


Pivot doors can be pretty much as big as you like, and certainly far bigger than a standard door. Simto, the reliable modern doors company, supplies types of pivot doors size up to 1,500mm wide and 3,000mm tall. But a pivot hinge makes the actual opening size of pivot door smaller.