Plastic Sprayer Supplier – Several Sprayer Performance Features

Spray pumps are associated with light to medium liquid products. However, some spray pumps can be used to disperse heavy liquids, such as sunscreen lotions. The spray is designed to cover a large surface area of ​​the body or application. The spray pump is also equipped with a lid to keep the product fresh and does not leak into clothing or personal items.

Spray pumps are used in a variety of applications, including antibacterial sprays, hundreds of cleaning products, sunscreen lotions or hair and body creams.

Mini trigger pumpThe Mini Trigger Pump works with thousands of liquid products around the world. They are designed to make them easy to spread applications across a variety of surface areas.

Crimp pumpCrimp pumps are very popular with perfume and perfume products. They have a high quality surface and can produce small amounts of liquid. The spray mechanism pushes a small amount of liquid over a large surface area to help spread the atomized contents.

These crimped nebulizer pumps are ideal for body sprays, eyeglass cleaners, sprays, vitamin sprays, room and car air fresheners, disinfectants and hundreds of other products where you need to control fine mist spray products.

Powder sprayPowder spray pumps have been introduced into the cosmetics market as a relatively new design. Their manufacture contributes to many applications in the health and beauty industry. They have achieved great success in tanning and powder coating.

Powder Spray Dispensing Solutions are used in medicine, talcum powder, hair and nail polish, food seasonings, moisturizers, foot powders and sprays, creams and creams, cleansers or body and hand creams.

Trigger sprayThe incredible trigger spray dispensing device is recognized worldwide for its ingenious design. They facilitate the dispersion of liquid applications into a variety of surface areas for home and commercial use.

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