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Polysorbate 85


what is polysorbate 85? Polysorbate 85 is also known as polyoxyethylene 20sorbitan trioleate, consists of sorbitol, ethylene oxide, and oleic acid. it has amolecular formula of C1o0H88O28.At room temperature, it is in the form ofa pale-yellow to orange oily liquid. lt is an o/w emulsifier with an HLB valueof 11.0. Ilt is soluble in ethanol, ethyl acetate, and acetone; it is also soluble inmost mineral and vegetable oil. And it can disperse in water. In crude oilproduction, polysorbate 85 acts as an emulsifier, paraffin inhibitor.


Technical lnformation of Polysorbate 85

According to Q/GDRH 016-2020, other parameters are available upon request.




Standard value

Acid value

mg KoH/g


saponification value

mg KoH/g


Hydroxyl value

mg KOH/g






Advantages of Polysorbate 85

our polysorbate 85 is used an emulsifier, foaming agent, lubricant, solubilizer, antistatic agent, a

dispersing agent in industrial product formulations

can be used in industry