Porcelain black rim rectangle plate

The black rim rectangular porcelain plate is made of qualified white porcelain tableware. It is usually used in star hotels, restaurants, airlines, banquet halls, buffets, cafes, bars, weddings, shopping malls, leisure venues, casinos, public areas, etc.


It is designed to meet industry standards. We offer different designs and sizes to meet the needs of our customers. It includes features of hotel and restaurant ceramic sets, white ceramic (porcelain) dinnerware sets that are perfect for restaurants, hotels and catered events.


Black rim rectangular porcelain plate is available upon request, and OEM and ODM.


Our fine porcelain is heat resistant, durable and scratch-resistant. Our fine porcelain restaurant tableware is free from impurities as compared to other brands of inferior porcelain. Different shapes of plates are available, including round, rectangular and oval.


There are more than 30 different series of white ceramic tableware sets for hotels and restaurants. We use a combination of the latest traditional and modern technology in production. Making this product the best in the market.