powder packaging machine

WEPACK is a specialized supplier of these powder packaging machines for all forms of automatic semi-automatic machines from us offering bags, pouches and containers that are proven to be effective.


Our spiral powder machines and vertical sealers ensure proper packaging of products such as sugar, flour, flour and flours.


Some powder packaging machine applications

Rice flour

Paste powder

Baby powder

Body powder

Milk powder

Fluorine powder

Pancake mix

Powdered sugar

Talcum powder

Outer peach blossom

Cocoa powder

Foot powder

Choose our powder packing machine

Are you using our crushers, crushers and pulverizers, we offer half, automatic, weighing, weighing reliable, high speed operation and our crusher content. Packers optimized and the requirements you want.


Your leading powder packaging machine manufacturer

Your production equipment can also expand your production range, also need to replace, modify the powder equipment that will enhance your operation. The new equipment allows you to have the ground to produce packaged products and make your products can be produced more easily. gift that suits you, and we will help decide on the gift to give.