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R&D-scale Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis System

Spray pyrolysis system for fine powder preparation in R&D scale


Ultrasonic atomization technology atomizes precursor into submicron droplets


Ultrafine powder in nano scale with uniform size can be prepared


Unique ultra-fine powder collection system, which can efficiently collect nano particles


Precision control of carrier gas flow


Especially suitable for the preparation of metal oxide powder


The spray pyrolysis process can be simply described as a series of physicochemical processes, such as mixing each metal salt into a precursor solution according to the stoichiometric ratio required for the preparation of composite powder, atomizing it by the atomizer, and then bringing it into the high-temperature reaction furnace by the carrier gas. In the reaction furnace, a series of physical and chemical processes, such as solvent evaporation, solute precipitation to form solid particles, particle drying, particle thermal decomposition, sintering and molding, are completed instantaneously, and finally ultrafine powder is formed. Using ultrasonic atomization technology, the solution can be uniformly atomized into micron or even nanometer liquid droplets, and the atomized droplets are sent to the high-temperature reaction furnace through carrier gas for pyrolysis. Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis can produce more uniform and fine powder particles than conventional pyrolysis.


With nearly 40 years of experience in ultrasonic atomization technology, Siansonic can provide customers with R&D, pilot-scale production spray pyrolysis system, including ultrasonic atomization device, high-temperature tube furnace, nano powder collection system, precursor liquid supply system, carrier gas flow control, etc.


Features of Siansonic R&D scale ultrasonic spray pyrolysis system:


Nano aerosol generator: NG series high frequency ultrasonic spray system


Digital megasonic generator: driving and controlling nano aerosol generator


High temperature tube furnace: the standard configuration is 1200 ° C, and the heating temperature zone length is 400mm


Nano particle collector: using high-voltage electrostatic field to collect ultra-fine particles, the minimum collectable particle is 0.1 nm, and the collection efficiency is more than 95%.


The precise pressure regulator realizes the precise control of carrier gas flow: the maximum pressure is 0.1MPa


Precision gas flowmeter and precision barometer: flow rate < 50L / min


Vacuum pump and compressed air pump: provide air source and atmosphere protection


Automatic liquid supply system: double pump head micro peristaltic pump to reduce pulsation.