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Bettersize Instruments Ltd offers a wide range of particle size analysis equipment to help you find better solutions for particle size analysis work.

We use advanced, scientific approaches, collaborate extensively with global research leaders in academia, government and industry to answer questions at the leading edge of particle sizing research. We carry out every production step under our own roof, including key components manufacturing and automated assembly, to anticipate possible failures or manufacturing problems.


Quality is at the core of the way we do business, and is constantly verified by our customers and partners. The latest technology and strict quality control system enable our particle size instruments(e.g. laser granulometer, image particle size analyzer,powder physical properties tester,tapped density tester,etc.) to operate trouble-free on average for more than 1,000 days.


For more than 20 years, we have delivered excellence to our business partners. Now, our ambition is to become the leader in particle sizing and powder characterization field,offer top quality particle size analysis machine, to support companies and laboratories worldwide.


We are Bettersize, better particle size solutions.