Project Cargo

Realhong, as one of the professional project logistics companies, handles different types of cargo for our customers, from small LCL containers to very large and heavy cargo. We will provide the following project cargo services to ensure that the goods can arrive at the destination on time: sea freight, air freight, road freight, rail freight.


As one of the best project cargo shipping companies, Realhong has extensive experience in chartering, heavy cargo, container shipping, air freight, rail transport and other projects. In order to meet customer needs, we provide the following comprehensive services:


project cargo handling services


Provide bulk project cargo transportation solutions


Coordinate and manage the relationship between suppliers and customers


Supply chain management


Warehouse operation


Customs clearance


Provide competitive prices and advice for customers


Regular reporting and cost budgeting


Why Choose Realhong Project Cargo?

As one of the project cargo companies, Realhong provides project freight transportation and comprehensive project cargo logistics services and plays an important role in the whole project logistics business. You can choose Realhong project cargo for the following reasons:


Realhong has a rich experience in project cargo management and project logistics management.


Realhong can provide you with competitive prices.


Realhong owns a global network to provide you with more convenient services.


Realhong can provide you with latest technology and transportation facilities.


How Do We Work Project Cargo?

Since employees in our reliable project logistics company are qualified to design, layout, and carry out complicated logistics projects including:



1) Warehouse project management


2) Heavy load


3) Multi-mode transport design


4) Site safety


5) On-site logistics


6) Feasibility study and analysis