Protective Apparel

The Challenges Facing the Protective Apparel Industry:

1. Protective full body protection PPE suits wholesale with safety protective medical fabric clothing materials is an important line of defense to protect the life and health of various personnel engaged in medical and health care, public service, industrial cleaning, oil pollution cleaning, etc; Even a small puncture or tear will cause serious consequences;


2. The protective PPE suits for sale of coverall material fabric made by common materials has good leak tightness but not enough air permeability. This kind of full body personal protection coverall suits with safety PPE suit materials for sale  were strong but not fit enough to the body so that the wearing comfort was poor, and the wearer’s activities was limited.


Protective fabric coverall clothing of body personal protective PPE suit materials is like the two ends of a seesaw, it is difficult to balance the protective performance and breathable comfort of PPE protection suit fabric materials. Flashspun Hypak™, on the other hand, flashspun fabric provides the ultimate bacterial protection barrier while still being comfortable and breathable to wear. Therefore, this kind of personal chemical protecting suit material is the perfect and safety protection suit material as industrial protective suits, chemical hazard suits, disposable medical protective coveralls and various fields.