PTE Exam Format

In addition to the shorter exam duration and fewer questions, the new PTE exam format has many positive aspects for test takers. There is no optional break on the PTE test anymore, and it only takes two hours to complete. While the PTE test effectiveness has not diminished, it now ranks higher than other lengthy English language tests in the world. The PTE scores are still accepted at the same universities and in the same countries, and the score levels remain the same. There are twenty different question types in total, divided into four sections. In the PTE test, you are marked by a computer, and the entire test is computer-based. The PTE exam format is sleeker and more accurate than the other English language tests like IELTS.

At Edutrainex, we have trained hundreds of students in clearing the PTE exam with high scores, so you don’t have to worry about the new format. Our full-length mock tests are highly effective and train you in the same way as the actual exam, with the same time duration and difficulty of questions as the actual exam. If you need assistance in mastering the new PTE format questions, we have experts on hand to help you. Additionally, we provide you with English grammar and vocabulary training, which indirectly will help you reach your PTE score goals. Make sure you use study materials and practice questions that are in accordance with the new PTE test format, so follow our blog posts and video materials on a variety of PTE topics, and you will definitely be able to get a lot out of them, so you won’t need to spend three hours as much and you’ll get fewer questions to answer.

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