PVC Production Line

1.Compounding equipments: including mixing machine, filter, vacuum di-bubble machine, latex conveying pump;

2.Dipping equipments: frame, chain, dipping tank, recycling device, dripping tank;

3.Plasticizing oven: Cooling, beading, Powder spreading, stripping;

4.Powder removing: Cooling sets, beading sets, powdering sets, stripping sets, powder removing.


First of all, for making PVC glove, Putting the main material and agents into the specific container and mixing them by certain ratio. The mixture will be sent to the dipping tank by the feeding pump after filter, vacuum machine, storage. Normally, hand mould will enter the dipping tank automatically. PVC Gloves making machine will rotating after dipping to even the latex sticking on the hand mould and let the extra latex dripping from the hand mould.


Extra latex will return to the dipping tank by passing the collecting tank. The temperature of oven will be at 230~250 degree. Under this condition, the latex will start shaping. The self-cooling, beading, powdering stages is coming after oven. The manual stripping stage will take the glove out from the hand mould. The product will be stored after powdering.


Dipping: Hand mould is dipping in the latex.

Beading;Applying adequate angle, the bead will appears at end of the glove. 

Stripping: Manually take the glove from the hand mould.

Packing: packing after physical and appearance check.