Features & Functions:

1.Sanitary Grade PMMA Acrylic Sheet

2.Resin with Fiberglass Reinforcement

3.Stainless Steel Bathtub Support

4.Stainless Steel Adjustable Bathtub Feet

5.ON/OFF Air Switch

6.Whirlpool Water Massage

7.Water Massage Pressure Regulator

8.Underwater LED Light

9.Cold/Hot Water Mixer

10.Diverter Mixer

11.Circulating Waterfall Water Intake with LED Light

12.Decorative Artificial Marble Board

13.Stainless Steel Water Intake Pipe

14.Multi-Function Hand Shower

15.Hand Shower FlexiblePipe

16.Backwater Drainage


18.Water Heater

Optional Functions:

1.Water Pump Protection against Running without Water

2.Decoration Water Surface Mini LED Light Set

3.Touch Controller with FM Radio/Loudspeaker /Ozone Disinfection/Water Pump Protection against Running without Water

4.Bubble Bath

5.Bubble Jet with LED Light

6.Waterproof LCD TV   

7.Imitation Wood Grain  Aprons