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How to better choose the right stage rental display products?


Technology|How to better choose suitable for their own stage rental display products?

In large performances, ceremonial parties, celebrity concerts and events site, we can often see a variety of stage rental display figure at the scene. So what is the stage rental display? When choosing a rental LED display should pay attention to how to better choose the right product for yourself?

Stage rental display

First, the stage rental display is actually the LED display used for projection in the background of the stage. The biggest feature of this rental display is that it can provide a rich stage background display function and combine realistic pictures, videos and shocking music effects. It creates a spectacular and modern scene; the stage rental display also plays large and clear live images, creating a sense of immersion that subverts the traditional visual experience.

Second, the main stage screen, auxiliary screen, and extended screen make up the stage rental display. The primary screen’s purpose is to broadcast live and provide good playback. Generally, pick a display with a narrower gap. The distance between the spots is usually less than p6, and the greater the area, the better. The scene of the stage rental display above the stage may be exhibited seamlessly in front of the crowd in this manner. On either side of the primary screen, there will be many sub-screens. Creative rental display, S-shaped curved screen, flexible LED screen, cylindrical LED screen, and other shaped displays are among the options for sub-screens. If money is tight, the screen can also be used.