Retrofit insulation Auckland

It’s really important to insulate your home completely, ceilings, walls and underfloor and in that order. A lot of New Zealand homes only have ceiling insulation but there’s no point in just having a hat to keep you warm! Insulating your walls and underfloor helps to close your thermal envelope, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Once your home is fully insulated, you’ll find it has a more constant temperature and is much easier to heat or cool. This means your energy bills drop and creates a much healthier environment to live in. Sound transfer is often a problem in homes where sound travels through floors, walls, and ceilings. Installing insulation is an effective solution by injecting through small holes.If you are looking for home insulation services in Auckland, North Shore, Northland, or the surrounding areas, we can help at Pilkington Insulation. We offer a full range of insulation services to homeowners as we are leading insulation installers in Auckland and Northland. We can also help if you are a landlord as we are experts in Healthy Homes regulations, so can ensure your properties in Auckland and Northland meet the required standards. When you come to us, you can expect the highest quality insulation solutions from injected Cosy Wall Insulation to blow insulation Jet Stream Max to Warmafloor and more, wherever you are in Auckland and Northland. We use injected Cosy Wall Insulation at Pilkington Insulation. It is the ideal retrofit insulation solution for older homes in Auckland & Northland and other locations.It is a injected cavity wall insulation that is inserted into the spaces between your walls providing both thermal insulation properties (to keep your home warm and dry) and acoustic insulating properties (to minimise noise). Warmafloor Insulation is the product we will use if you need floor insulation. It is a polyester blanket designed insulation for NZ floors that our team will install between your floor joists. This will prevent heat loss through your floor. We have extensive experience installing floor insulation including in properties where there is minimal space to work. Plus, the results are highly effective. At Pilkington Insulation, we are expert providers of retrofit insulation solutions for homes in Auckland & Northland and the surrounding area. The insulation we install will make your home cosier and healthier to live in.For more info: