Revamp Your Reputation with Getdandy’s Transforming Review Management for Businesses

Getdandy is a game-changer for businesses in the hospitality, local, and professional services sectors. Getdandy’s proprietary review dispute technology offers a comprehensive suite of features, including bad review removal, ChatGPT-powered automated responses, SMS and email interactions, QR code guest experience intelligence, and centralized review management.


Eliminate Negative Reviews Effortlessly 

Getdandy simplifies the process of maintaining a stellar online reputation. With its advanced algorithms, it identifies and helps remove negative reviews, allowing businesses to highlight their positive aspects and improve customer perception.


AI-Powered Automated Responses 

Leveraging the intelligence of ChatGPT, Getdandy offers automated review responses that engage with customers on a personal level. These responses can address concerns, express gratitude, and showcase the commitment to exceptional service.


SMS, Email, and QR Code Interactions

Getdandy provides multi-channel interaction options, including SMS and email, enabling businesses to gather real-time feedback. The inclusion of QR codes allows for quick and convenient guest experience data collection.


Centralized Review Management

Managing reviews from multiple platforms is effortless with Getdandy. The intuitive dashboard provides a holistic view of all reviews, allowing businesses to track performance, respond promptly, and make data-driven improvements.




Getdandy empowers businesses across diverse sectors to take control of their online reputation and enhance customer satisfaction through innovative review management solutions.