Rodeway Inn – Hotel Safety Tips Every Traveler Should Know

Traveling is an adventure, but ensuring your safety during your hotel stay is a crucial aspect of the journey. Rodeway Inn, a name synonymous with comfort, extends its commitment to guest well-being by offering essential safety tips for every traveler.


Room Selection for Security

Start your safety journey by choosing your room wisely. Rodeway Inn recommends opting for rooms between the second and sixth floors. This strategic choice provides a balance between accessibility and security, deterring easy access from the street while remaining within reach of most fire department ladders.


Secure Your Valuables

Rodeway Inn encourages guests to make use of in-room safes for valuable items like passports, jewelry, and electronics. While hotels prioritize security, an extra layer of protection ensures a worry-free stay, allowing you to enjoy your travels without concerns about your belongings.


Know Your Exits

In any emergency, knowing your exit routes is crucial. Take a moment upon arrival to familiarize yourself with the nearest exits and stairwells. This simple step ensures you are well-prepared in the unlikely event of a fire or evacuation, promoting a safe and efficient response.


Exercise Caution with Strangers

While hotels generally provide a safe environment, it’s prudent to be cautious when interacting with strangers. Rodeway Inn advises guests to maintain the same level of vigilance as they would in any other public space. If you notice any suspicious behavior, promptly report it to hotel staff, contributing to a collective effort to uphold a secure atmosphere for all guests.




Rodeway Inn’s dedication to guest safety goes beyond comfort, creating a seamless blend of hospitality and security. By incorporating these simple yet effective hotel safety tips, travelers can enhance their overall experience, trusting Rodeway Inn to be a reliable partner in ensuring both comfort and safety during their journeys.