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Rotary Actuator RAT(L)

Rotary Actuator RAT(L)

Product Description

Energy Source: Pneumatic actuators primarily use compressed air as their power source. This is advantageous in many industrial environments because compressed air is readily available, clean, safe, and relatively inexpensive.

Simple Design and Operation: Pneumatic actuators typically have fewer moving parts compared to electric or hydraulic actuators. This simplicity translates into high reliability and low maintenance requirements.

Safety: Since they operate on air and do not require electricity or hydraulic fluid, pneumatic actuators are generally safer, especially in explosive environments where electrical sparks or fluid leaks could be hazardous.

Speed of Operation: Pneumatic actuators can operate very quickly, making them suitable for applications that require rapid movement. The speed can be adjusted by controlling the air flow to the actuator.

Force and Torque Output: The force and torque output of a pneumatic actuator can be quite significant, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. However, the output is generally less precise than that of hydraulic or electric actuators.

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