San Diego Employment Lawyer: Decoding Pregnancy Discrimination In The Workplace

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace thrives on being sneaky, often hidden in decisions that seem normal so here is a San Diego employment lawyer. It includes a wide range of actions, from not promoting someone because they are pregnant or having a related condition to demoting or even firing them.  To find pregnancy discrimination, you might have to look closely at choices or actions that don’t seem harmful. To spot these signs, you need to know a lot about your employment rights and be on the lookout for unfair treatment because of your pregnancy or childbirth.  For example, abrupt changes in job duties after a pregnancy announcement or being refused reasonable accommodations could be signs of discrimination. Employers are required by law to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers, and if they don’t, it could be seen as discrimination. When employees face this kind of discrimination, they should write down what happened, gather evidence, and get help from employment law experts at San Diego age discrimination lawyer. The first thing that can be done to stop pregnancy discrimination at work is to know one’s rights and spot unfair behavior.