Silicone Peripheral Vessels

The Silicone Peripheral Vessels we provide mainly include Abdominal aorta, femoral artery, femoral profound artery, popliteal artery, external tibial artery, internal tibial artery, peroneal artery, Jugular vein, superior vena cava, inferior vena cava, internal iliac vein, external iliac vein, femoral vein, venae profundae femoris, great saphenous vein, popliteal vein, internal tibial vein, external tibial vein, fibular vein and so on.


These Silicone Peripheral Vessels can be used for performance testing, functional demonstration, and training of Peripheral intervention devices.


What Is Silicone Peripheral Vessel Used For?

It is applicable to performance tests, functional demonstrations and training of Cardiovascular surgery devices, such as lower extremity arterial stents and delivery devices, lower extremity venous stents, thrombus filtration and delivery device, filter etc. Silicone peripheral blood vessels including arteries and veins, are mainly made of highly transparent soft silicone and are used for surgical training, performance testing, and functional demonstration related to lower limb arterial or venous intervention diagnosis and treatment. The surgical instruments involved include wires, catheters, lower limb arterial or venous stents, thrombus filters, and other instruments.


Why Choose Preclinic Medtech Silicone Peripheral Vessels

Real Anatomical Structure of Silicone Peripheral Vessels

Real Anatomical Structure

The Silicone Peripheral Vessels are designed based on the real clinical CT/MRI image data.


Simulate Human Blood Circulation of Silicone Peripheral Vessels

Simulate Human Blood Circulation

The end branches of silicone blood vessels have specially designed circulation pipeline interfaces, which facilitate the introduction of blood flow into the pipeline system at the bottom of the model and simulate the hemodynamic characteristics of real human bodies. Combined with our Cardiac hemodynamic simulation device and Blood Pressure Simulator, it can simulate human blood circulation and measure blood pressure at a certain point or end range.


Modular Structure Design of Silicone Peripheral Vessels

Modular Structure Design

Customizable replacement vascular module to practice various diseases of Peripheral vascular intervention surgery to meet the demand for simulation training of renal artery, iliac artery, popliteal artery, and various peripheral artery balloon dilation and stent implantation.


Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) of Silicone Peripheral Vessels

Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA)

By injecting contrast agent into the silicone blood vessel, the X-ray image of the silicone vessel and intravascular medical device can be taken.