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Silicone Tableware

Silicone Tableware is widely used to cultivate the ability to eat by kids themselves mainly for below points:

1. Molded with food-grade silicone material, which is non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly. 

2. Can be folded, kneaded, flipped. Does not take up space and does not absorb oil stains.

3. The temperature of the silicone tableware matches the food well. They can protect the temperature of the food and reduce the loss of temperature.

4. Compared with ceramics, the biggest feature of silicone tableware is that it is resistant to falling and will not make any noise when it falls on the ground.

5. Good heat resistance.The temperature resistance of silica gel is very good,it will not deform or degenerate at a high temperature of 240 degrees Celsius,and it will not harden at-40 degrees Celsius,so you can use it for steaming,boiling,baking,etc. 

6. Silicone tableware is easy to clean.Because silica gel does not stick to oil and does not absorb oil,it is easy to clean.

7. Many colors and appearances. Many colors can be blended according to the needs of users,and tableware of various shapes can be molded.