SIMTO Doors Meet Your Needs

As a professional modern doors wholesale company, SIMTO Door is an one-stop door consultancy service operating with manufacturing excellence at the core of everything we do. Every high quality door we build, every product we create, every progressive step we take is driven by our relentless pursuit of perfection. Simto Door offers a complete door consultancy and manufacturing service that includes idea conceptualization, product innovation, custom doors design, supply, and installation. Today, we provide innovation in doorway technology and different types of room doors to a range of sectors within the building industry. Our capability includes manufacturing and supplying a wide range of products such as high-end security doors, high-end armored doors, fireproof doors, luxury villa door, luxury aluminum door, High quality wood door, smart lock, etc.


OUR VISION: Be a respected modern doors company that leads the industry to sustainable development


OUR MISSION: Offer best OEM door solution and create the value for customers


OUR GOAL: Sell our products to every country in the world; Be a top sales team of China in export door industry


Custom Doors Design Process

We have a separate department for embossed doors in our factory. In the embossed door surface treatment section of our factory, the door frame painting process is also carried out.


How To Choose Entry Door?

SIMTO DOOR MATERIALS:The door panels of Simto doors can be made from a choice of cast aluminum plate, zinc iron alloy plate, cold rolled steel plate, 304 stainless steel plate, copper plate, galvanized plate and many other door material. Different metals deliver certain characteristics that make them suitable for various door applications.


Cast aluminum plate: casted molding with solid cast aluminum.

It has the following characteristics:


Strength is increased by 200% (compared to conventional 8mm thick pure aluminum plate)


Heat resistant, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof


It has great performance in fire resistance and impact resistance.


Iron material: doors made form iron have the following characteristics:

High strength


Strong wind resistance, aging resistance, insect resistance, wear-resistance, and durability


It features both practicality and ornamentation. And it is easy to maintain as well


Zinc iron alloy plate: it is a car plate with good welding performance.

The zinc iron alloy plate has the following characteristics:


It has good strength and toughness


It is anticorrosive and features excellent electrical vacuum performance and ferromagnetism.