Simtopia Golf Ski

Calgary Indoor Golf

Simtopia is based simply on the concept of “WE LOVE GOLF & SKI!”

Our indoor golf simulator system is the highest-quality, most lifelike and customizable golf simulator software ever created. Our golf simulator offers the most prestigious virtual golf course library, with 100 courses currently available.

According to Golf Digest, 18 of our courses are ranked in the “Top 100 Courses in America”, 23 are ranked in the “Top 100 Courses in the World”, and 32 hold televised events.

Come visit us for a demonstration and see how it can help your game, or if you like just relax and enjoy a round of golf in our fully licensed facility.

When it comes to enjoying downhill skiing or snowboarding most of us do it for fun on the weekends or whenever we have a chance to get out and enjoy nature.

However, there are a number of Calgary residents who take skiing and snowboarding very seriously and perhaps may even be professionals or representing snow sport brands as ambassadors.

Simtopia Virtual Ski Simulators offer state of the art technology to get you ski ready for your first or next ski experience!! By using our simulators you will have a safe experience , no stress, no line ups, no chairlifts, nothing to ruin anyone’s day.

We just get to focus on the basics and have a lot of fun. We provide the best chance for you to enjoy your time at the snow before you arrive and take your first ski lessons on the slopes.