Sofa Cleaning Rush ,

Sofa Cleaning Rush 

Sofas should be deep cleaned and disinfected at least once per year to keep them clean, fresh and bacteria free. Whatever you do and regardless of how careful you are, your sofa will absorb hair, dust, skin flakes, food residue, drink spillages, body grease, etc. This can cause bad odours and staining. When it is time for a deep sofa cleaning you will need to start looking for a professional local sofa cleaning company and book an appointment. A professional sofa cleaning company will have your sofa clean, fresh, stain & bacteria free in no time. Your badly stained sofa CAN be restored. 

Sofa Cleaning Rush – Types of sofas

A professional sofa cleaning company can deep clean any type of sofa. Some sofas will require sofer shampoos, some sofas will require less water, some sofas will require dry cleaning & some sofas will be uncleanable due to bad damage beyond repair. If you book Sofa Cleaning Dublin, we will be able to assess your project and recommend the best cleaning system. If your sofa is too damaged to be able to restore it, we will let you know before we even start.