Some tips for color eyelash extensions

1. Solve what kind of eyelashes your clients want

You may have a customer who doesn’t even know that there are colored eyelashes, but based on the reason they come to you for eyelash extensions, they can benefit from it. The reason your customers want eyelash extensions or colored eyelashes will help inform the app.

2. Enhance eye color

If customers want their natural eye colors to stand out, choose eyelashes that complement these shades. Purple eyelash extensions enhance green eyes and make brown eyes look bigger. Green eyelash extensions bring out brown eyes. Blue eyelash extensions make blue eyes dazzling and look great on girls with brown eyes.

3. Matching clothes

Now is the time to be bold. Ask about all the different shades in the costume. Pull out some online eyelash inspiration looks for inspiration. If the atmosphere of the costume is on your face, it may make sense to apply colored eyelashes.