Sonia Randhawa speaks on Innovations in Mobile Technology

Sonia Randhawa says Innovations in mobile technology, such as voice control and augmented reality, are empowering workers in a whole new way. Technological advances and increased productivity mean big changes in today’s career as well. The technological advances under review promise significant social and economic benefits, higher efficiency and higher productivity in a variety of sectors.

Sonia Randhawa added these innovations focus on collecting, processing, and analyzing vast amounts of data from information science, with implications for countless areas of research and development. Sonia Randhawa said significant progress has also been made in the field of biotechnology, which the United Nations defines as “any application of technology that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof to produce or modify products or processes for specific purposes. Sonia Randhawa said relevant technological advances and the way they are used will pose significant challenges, including labor mobility and other market disruptions, heightened inequality, and new public and national security risks.